Saturday, 15 April 2017

Sp"egg"tacular Week!

Students had a fun and busy week prior to Spring/Easter Break.  They started new units of study, attended a school musical, and went a on a fun swim.  What a great way to head into our Spring Break!

In Math, students completed their Unit 4 Math Test on Measurement.  Both grades started Unit 5 on Fractions this week.  We will continue with Fractions for the first half of May and begin our next unit during the latter part of the month.

The class is fascinated with plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanoes in Science.  Students conducted some research about volcanoes and identified some of the main types including:  shield volcanoes, composite volcanoes, cinder cones, and lava domes.  A science test on our most recent unit of study involving the layers of the Earth will be take place soon.

Our trip to Santa Maria was unfortunately cancelled this week under advisement from the staff of the seniors' care home.  We look forward to resuming our visits in May.

Congratulations to the Jack MacKenzie School students, staff, and volunteers involved in the production of "The Lion King Jr Musical!"  The show got great reviews.  It was a huge success!
Also, thank you to Mrs. Robertson, Drake's mom, for volunteering on our fun swim to the Sandra Schmirler Centre on Thursday afternoon.

Please remind students to read over the Spring Break.  The Fractions unit on Mathletics is also great way for students to get practicing on halves, fifths, and tenths!

Have a happy Spring/Easter vacation.  See you on April 24th.

Mrs. Aiginitis

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Welcome April!

The class had a wonderful first week of April at school.  We welcomed a guest speaker in the classroom and went on a field trip.  Students wrapped up various units of study and expressed their gratitude and good wishes to our student teachers.

In Math, students completed their units on Measurement.  The math textbook was sent home to help students study for our upcoming math test on Tuesday.  The "Show What You Know", at the end of Unit 4, is a great way to review and practice for the test.

In Social Studies, the students took a closer look at Treaties with Miss Mamela. They focused on oral promises versus written promises.  Students created a classroom Treaty and agreed to follow it "for as long as the the sun shines and rivers flow."  The class also participated in a Treaty reenactment role play.  The Grade 3/4's went on a field trip to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum to participate in the school program "Changing Times."  There, they had an opportunity to explore different weapon types and materials that Aboriginal people of the past used to meet their wants and needs.  Lastly, the class took part in a blanket exercise to wrap up our Social Studies unit.  This visual representation activity helped students gain a better understanding of how European settler and Aboriginal history unraveled.  The students have exceeded all my expectations.  It was a pleasure to teach them!
~Submitted by Miss Velvett Mamela

This past week, the students wrapped up their unit on Holistic Health with Miss Boyd.  The class welcomed guest speaker Jim Demeray, from the organization UnderstandUs, who spoke to the students about Mental Health. The students also explored different ways to maintain their Emotional and Spiritual health. The class created Medicine Wheels to demonstrate what they've learned about holistic health.  
~Submitted by Miss Kelsey Boyd
Thank you to Miss Boyd and Miss Mamela for all of their hard work and dedication in our Grade 3/4 classroom and at Jack MacKenzie School.  We wish them the best of luck in their internships this fall and all the best in their teaching careers!
A site evacuation drill took place this past week for students at Jack MacKenzie and St. Gabriel.  The drill went smoothly and as planned.
Events to look forward to this week:
  • Monday:  Special Lunch orders due (online)
  • Tuesday:  Math Test; Trip to Santa Maria (PM); Lion King @ 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday:  Sp. Test; Lion King Musical (school performance - 1:30 pm); Lion King @ 7pm
  • Thursday:  Leisure Swim at Sandra Schmirler (PM); Special Lunch; Menchie's Day
  • April 14 - 23rd (inclusive):  Spring/Easter Break
  • Please see your child's agenda for further notices and homework updates.  Thank you!
Have a Megamunch day!

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Last Week of March

The final week of March was filled with wonderful learning opportunities and events for students.  They are turning into world class "travelers" and scientists!

In Math, the Grade 3's finished their lessons on perimeter and started learning about mass (kg).  The Grade 4's worked through lessons on finding the area of regular shapes in square centimetres.  The Unit 4 Test on Measurement for both grades will be coming up soon.  Also, please note that students will receive their Unit 3 math tests this week to take home and have signed by a parent.

In ELA, students worked on finalizing their book reviews and were introduced to writing friendly letters.  Students used the friendly letter format to create thank-you cards for Mr. Dumont's Grade 7/8 students.  We will present Mr. Dumont's class with our thank you cards this week.  

In Health, students completed their focus on nutrition with Miss Boyd and were introduced to germs and the immune system.  The class investigated the four main types of germs (viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and fungi) and examined how the immune system keeps our bodies healthy.  The students modelled the four different types of germs with modelling clay and discussed the functions of each.  They participated in a few rounds of "Immune System Tag" to help them develop a better understanding of how our immune system keeps our bodies healthy.  On Tuesday, we will participate in a workshop titled "Understand Us."  Jim Demeray, our guest speaker, will briefly explain what mental health is and will introduce students to healthy outlets for mental health management.
~Submitted by Miss Boyd
In Social Studies, Miss Mamela worked with the class to learn more about where our favourite food items come from.  Students investigated everyday objects and products to see where they were made.  The class researched what various countries import and export.  As a part of their unit of study, the students will be working on a country research project.  The class has been asked to prepare for this project by completing some work at home.  A graphic organizer was sent home on Friday that needs to be filled out and returned by Tuesday, April 5th.  Thank you for your assistance with our project.
Congratulations to Taylor Schmalenberg and Cael Scollan for doing a fantastic job at the Spring Oratory!  It was wonderful to hear everyone's speeches and poetry presentations on Friday afternoon.

Events to look forward to:
  • Monday:  Menchie's orders sent home
  • Tuesday:  Country Research due; "Understand Us" workshop with Jim Demeray
  • Wednesday:  Sp. Test; Trip to RSM - PM (Parent Volunteers: Mrs. Gherasim and Mrs. Highmoor)  
  • Friday:  Menchie's orders due; Jack MacKenzie School Clothing Day; Miss Boyd's and Miss Mamela's last day
  • TBA - Un. 3 Math Test due back (signed)
  • Please refer to your child's agenda on a daily basis for further announcements and homework reminders.  Thank you!
Have a wonderful day!

Friday, 24 March 2017

A Time to Celebrate!

Welcome Spring!  It was a pleasure seeing students and their families at our Celebration of Learning Conferences.  We hope you enjoyed visiting our class and working through the stations with your child.  The class welcomed back Miss Mamela and Miss Boyd, our student teachers from the University of Regina, this week.  We wrapped things up with a trip to the Santa Maria Seniors' Home on Thursday afternoon.  What a wonderful way to greet the Spring season!
Craft created with the seniors at Santa Maria
In Math, students continue to work through their Measurement units.  The Grade 3's learned about measuring perimeter in centimetres.  Next week, they will look at measuring perimeter in metres and measuring mass in grams.  The Grade 4's learned about telling time to the minute and the 24-hour clock.  Next week, they will begin to explore area (square units).

In Health-Sciences, Miss Boyd introduced students to the Medicine Wheel.  They looked at the different components of the Medicine Wheel and how it will be used to examine the students' own holistic health.  The class focused on the "Physical" quadrant this week as they used Canada's Food Guide to examine their eating habits.  Students created Food Plates to demonstrate the variety of foods they should be eating daily and the appropriate portion sizes for their age group.  Students also began their investigation of the different nutrients found in the foods they eat through a Nutrition Puzzle activity.  Next week, the class will finish up their focus on nutrition and begin their investigation of the immune system.
~submitted by Miss Boyd
In Social Studies, Miss Mamela worked with the students to learn about the Wants and Needs of people living in various communities.  This week, the class made Mosaic Art pieces that distinguished between students' wants and needs.  The students also took a "trip" to outer space to a planet they named "Kidtopia!"  Upon NASA's request, the class had to narrow down their lists of wants and needs for their suitcases in order to establish a new community on Kidtopia.  In addition, students started looking at different cultures and communities from around the world.  They participated in a sing-song activity called "Hello to All the Children of the World" and used a world map to locate some of the countries that were mentioned in the song.  Students had an opportunity to share their knowledge of other cultures by explaining how to say words as hello, good-bye, grandma, and grandpa in a different language.
~submitted by Miss Mamela
A special thank you goes out to Mr. Dumont and his Grade 7/8 students for working with the Grade 3/4's on their Forest Fire Slide Show Projects.  The senior students were fantastic leaders and the slideshow presentations turned out great!  The Grade 3/4's are now able to produce and teach others how to create this type of presentation.   

Please note:  Students may access their slideshow presentations on Google Classroom to share with other family members. Their school division accounts may only be used for school assignments.  Please remind students not to share their usernames and passwords with others.  Thank you for your help!

New milk punch cards will be distributed to students that take part in the milk program next week.  It is recommended that students keep their milk cards in their lunch kits.

The Lion King Musical will be held on April 11th and 12th at 7:00 pm at Jack MacKenzie School.  Tickets are as follows:  $10 per individual or $20 per family.  A family ticket includes parents and their children only.  All other individuals pay separately.  Tickets go on sale next week.  See you there!

Our class will be going on a field trip to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum on April 5th, in the afternoon.  A note will be going home with more information next week.  Please stay tuned.  Thank you!

Events to look forward to next week:
  • Mar. 28 - Wear a Hat for $1
  • Mar. 29 - Chew Gum for $1; Sp. Test
  • Mar. 30 - Popcorn for $2; Zones of Regulation workshop (AM)
  • Mar. 31 - Spring Oratory (12:45 - 3:30 PM) -Good luck to Taylor Schmalenberg and Cael Scollan, our class representatives, at the Spring Oratory!
  • Please check your child's agenda on a daily basis for notices and homework reminders that may not be listed on our website.  Thank you.

Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Short Week

Students started their week with a special visit from Mr. Bartlett, the head facility operator here at Jack MacKenzie School.  The class enjoyed learning about his job and took a special trip down to the boiler room for a closer look at the mechanics of the school!  It was a cool experience to say the least. 
Mr. Bartlett - Head Facility Operator
In Math, the class continued learning about various measurement concepts.  The grade 3's are focusing on estimating and measuring centimetres and metres.  The grade 4's are taking a look at elapsed time and telling time to the minute.  Our measurement unit will go by quickly.  It is recommended that students review lessons at home and go onto the Mathletics website to get the extra practice they need.

Literacy Groups ended this week.  Students practiced many decoding and comprehension strategies during this intensive block of reading time.  We thank all of the volunteers who helped with this valuable reading initiative.

On Tuesday afternoon, the class went on a field trip to the Mackenzie Art Gallery for a guided tour of the exhibition Across the Turtle's Back.  Students learned more about First Nations, Inuit, and Metis art.  They had an opportunity to learn how to do a basic weave in the studio.  The exhibition Across the Turtle's Back will end in April.
Celebration of Learning Conferences will take place next week.  The format of these conferences follow a station approach where children lead their parents through various activities set up in our classroom. Typically, families would spend approximately 1/2 hour in the classroom with their children.  You may choose one of the following dates to attend with your child:
  • Wednesday, March 22nd from 4-7pm  OR
  • Friday, March 24th from 9-11 am
*Please send me an email (a note will also go home) indicating which day you will be attending with your child.* 

Also, as a part of our Celebration of Learning, Mrs. Hinz will be hosting "Drum the Village" on Wednesday, March 22nd from 5-7 pm in the music room.  All grades and families are welcome to join Mrs. Hinz in the jam!

Events to look forward to next week:
  • Monday:  Welcome back Miss Boyd and Miss Mamela; Teddy Bears Anonymous letters sent home; Celebration of Learning note sent home
  • Tuesday:  Return Celebration of Learning note indicating attendance (or email teacher)
  • Wednesday:  Celebration of Learning Conferences (4-7pm)
  • Thursday:  Gr. K - 4 Toy Day for $1; Santa Maria (PM)
  • Friday:  Celebration of Learning Conferences (9-11 am for Gr. 3/4) - NO CLASSES TODAY
  • Please check your child's agenda on a daily basis for notices and homework reminders that may not be listed on our website.  Thank you.
Have a nice weekend.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Building Community

Students learned more about Community through a variety of activities this past week.  The class worked with senior students to learn a new skill, attended a pod "harvest" activity, and learned through experienced volunteers how agriculture and sharing go hand-in-hand. 

Our Grade 3/4 class participated in the Junior Achievement program titled "Our Community" with Donna McCreery.   They learned how jobs help a community and require a specific set of skills.  Thank you for helping your children complete their interviews!

This month is Agriculture Literacy Month!  Debbie Bailey, Specialist with Agriculture More Than Ever, visited our class and shared her knowledge and love of agriculture!  Students enjoyed learning about farming communities in Saskatchewan and the different types of crops and livestock found in our province.

Our class has partnered up with Mr. Dumont's Grade 7/8 students to learn more about creating slide show presentations on Google Docs.  The Grade 3/4's will be working hard to finalize their Forest Fire Slide Show Projects this week.

The Grade 3/4's enjoyed taking part in "Fresh Food Friday," an event hosted by Mrs. McMurtry's class.  Students had an opportunity to enjoy a variety of leafy greens and vegetables.  The students were fantastic guests and had a very yummy time!
Events to look forward to this week:
  • Monday:  Special visit from Mr. Bartlett (our school custodian); Sp. Test
  • Tuesday:  Mackenzie Art Gallery (PM); Forest Fire Project with Gr. 7/8's; Literacy Groups
  • Wednesday:  Special Lunch; Green Spirit Day; Last day of Literacy Groups
  • Thursday:  PD - No School for students
  • Friday:  Teacher's Convention - No School for students
  • Please check your child's agenda on a daily basis for additional updates and homework reminders.  Thank you!
Have a great week.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Hello March

Students said goodbye to February and welcomed March with a smile.  They enjoyed a delicious pancake breakfast prepared by our SCC for being the top fundraisers of the Jack MacKenzie School Read-a-Thon.  Students participated in several anti-bullying "Pink Day" awareness activities including presentations put on by the Roughriders and our very own SLC.  It was a fun and busy week!

On Tuesday afternoon, the Grade 3's and 3/4's went on their monthly visit to the Santa Maria Seniors' Care Home.  They enjoyed working with the lovely seniors living there.  This week, our classes made a St. Patrick's Day craft for the seniors to display in their living quarters.

In Social Studies, the class continues to learn about the First Nations People of Saskatchewan.  Many of our discussions and stories have centered around the significance of the Buffalo and the role that it played in the lives of the Aboriginal people.  Next week, the class will focus on the importance of symbols in the First Nations culture.

Times flies when you're having fun!  In math, both grades have started a unit on Measurement.  We explored the passage of time using pendulum timers and learned more about analog and digital clocks.  Please encourage your child to access the Measurement unit on Mathletics for additional practice.

In Science, the class is learning about the "Earth Beneath Us."  This week, we looked at a cross-section of the Earth and discovered that it is made up of several layers, like an onion.  Scientists have put these layers into three groups:  the crust, the mantle and the core.  We will continue our journey to the centre of the Earth in the coming weeks.
Students learned more about solving everyday "people problems" by using Stop~Think and Pick-a-Plan in our Zones of Regulation workshop this week.  In many of the problems they encounter, they can choose to stay or walk away.  If they choose to stay instead of walk away they can try ignore the problem (in a respectful way), use an "I" statement to express their feelings, make a deal to compromise, use a game of chance to solve a disagreement (ie. rock, paper, scissors), and/or apologize.  Walking away from a problem may involve a period of cooling down, doing something else instead, or getting help/reporting the problem.  The students were also reminded that they are not to compromise on their safety or the safety of others when trying to deal with a problem or when they see a conflict.  In these types of situations, they always report to a trusted adult.  The class will revisit these concepts and work on a group assignment next week. 

Events to look forward to next week:
  • Monday:  Junior Achievement Program with Donna McCreery (AM); Zones of Regulation workshop (PM); Gallery permission/fees due; Sp. Test
  • Tuesday:  Literacy Groups (AM)
  • Wednesday:  Literacy Groups (AM); Canadian Ag Literacy Program with Debbie Bailey (PM)
  • Thursday:  Literacy Groups (AM)
  • Friday:  Jack MacKenzie School Clothing Day; Literacy Groups (AM)
  • Please check your child's agenda on a daily basis for additional updates and homework reminders.  Thank you.

Have a delicious weekend!