Friday, 30 June 2017

Summer Time

Mr. MacKenzie and Ms. Krasiun at Massey Pool
Summer is here!  It has been a pleasure working with you this year.  Your children are awesome.  All the best!  From all of us here at Jack MacKenzie School, have a happy and safe summer!

Mrs. Aiginitis

Sunday, 25 June 2017


Outside of Santa Maria Seniors' Care Home with Jack MacKenzie
It's hard to believe we have reached the final week of school.  The students have learned and grown so much this year.  Also, congratulations to all of the Jack MacKenzie Grade 8 Graduates of 2017!   Thank you to all of the staff, parents, and volunteers who helped make the Grade 8 Farewell a huge success.

As we enter the final week of school, we have a few more things left to do.  The children should continue bringing their agendas to school with them.  Notebooks and other belongings will continue coming home as the week progresses.

home·stretch (hōm′strĕch′) n. 1. The portion of a racetrack from the last turn to the finish line. 2. The final stages of an undertaking.... 

Highlights from this past week:

Students -
  1. completed geometry activities.
  2. created cartoon strips in response to our novel study.
  3. attended Gr. 2 Animal Presentations.
  4. went to Santa Maria with Mr. Jack MacKenzie!
  5. wrote letters to "Ramona" in response to reading.
  6. attended the "Level Up!" Public Library Program information session.
  7. prepared and took home a file folder with Term 2 work (more to come!).
  8. started preparing short plays of each of the chapters in Ramona Quimby, Age 8.
  9. participated in the K-3/4 Play Day!

Events to look forward to this week:
  • Monday:  Ramona reading and "List of Chores" assignment due
  • Tuesday:  Final Sp. Test
  • Wednesday:  Massey Pool (PM)
  • Thursday:  Final School Assembly (AM); Year-End Movie Theatre Trip; Report Card distribution & 2:30 pm dismissal
  • Friday:  PD Day - No School for Students/Summer Vacation begins for students

Have a wonderful afternoon.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Middle of June

It was strange parting with our "book boxes" and returning all library books on Friday afternoon.  All of the year-end deadlines, including last day of milk, have started taking effect!  You can see a picture of the class below holding up some of their favourite books from their most recent book box selections.
Favourites from our Book Boxes

Highlights from the past week:

  1. completed math units on Data Analysis.
  2. started new units on Geometry.
  3. talked about non-contact forces in science (magnetism and static electricity).
  4. prepared a pamphlet of cooking rules in response to our novel study.
  5. wrote acrostic poems about "Ramona Quimby".
  6. created cool Father's Day cards.
  7. acknowledged "Twin Day" at school.
  8. wrote T.L.C. paragraphs in response to "Ramona" being sick with the flu!
  9. participated in Read-to-Self and Read-to-Someone
  10. returned their library books on Friday afternoon.
Things to look forward to this coming week:
  • Monday:  Preparation activities for Santa Maria with Mrs. McMurtry's class (PM)
  • Tuesday:  Sp. Test; Trip to Santa Maria (PM); Grade 8 Farewell
  • Wednesday:  Final Sp. List sent home; Attend Animal Presentation (PM)
  • Thursday:  Summer Reading Program Presentation with RPL (AM)
  • Friday:  K-3/4 Play Day (PM)
  • Please check your child's agenda on a daily basis for further announcements and homework assignments.
Our class will be taking part in the K-3/4 Play Day on Friday, June 23rd in the afternoon.  The children will be spending the afternoon outside.  Students are asked to come prepared with a hat, bottle of water and sunscreen.  There will be a refreshment and bathroom station as well. 

Have a nice afternoon.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

Thank you to all of the outstanding volunteers who put on a fantastic year-end BBQ and Dance.  It was wonderful to see Mr. Jack MacKenzie in attendance and enjoying this wonderful event as well!

Highlights from this past week:

  1. learned about line plots and bar graphs in math (Gr. 3).
  2. completed a math test on multiplying and dividing larger numbers (Gr. 4).
  3. played a friendly game of kickball with another class.
  4. learned more about contact forces and friction in science.
  5. practiced using a dictionary to locate the definitions of words.
  6. completed reading comprehension activities.
  7. purchased Freezies during recesses.

Things to note for this coming week:
  • Monday:  Ramona reading and 10 definitions homework due; Canteen sale begins
  • Tuesday:  Sp. Test
  • Wednesday:  Last Gardening Club day
  • Thursday:  ALL fees and permission forms due
  • Friday:  Twin Day; Last day of milk; Return all library books to the school
  • TBA - Ramona reading and writing assignments due
  • Please refer to your child's agenda on a daily basis for further notices and homework assignments.  Thank you!
*Note:  The Milk Committee would like to remind all families who purchase milk to retain their milk cards.  They will be able to use them once the new school year begins.*

Have a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Enter June!

Our beautiful Dreamcatchers
It's hard to believe that we have entered the month of June and the final month of the 2016 - 2017 school year.  We have talked as a class about making this month the most productive and best one yet.  There are many things to do and accomplish during the month of June!

Highlights from the past week:

  1. Completed a test on multiplication and division and started a new unit on data analysis (Gr. 3).
  2. Started working on division with remainders (Gr. 4).
  3. Sketched pictures of their feet like Ramona and her dad in our novel study!
  4. Began writing short poems about their favourite or least favourite foods.
  5. Coloured carnival signs for the Santa Maria Seniors' Care Home.
  6. Finished their beautiful Dreamcatchers.

Things to look forward to next week:
  • Monday: Ramona reading due (p. 81-90); Sp. Test; RAD Post Assessment for Gr. 4; Freezie Sales all week; Kickball with Mrs. McMurtry's class (weather permitting)
  • Tuesday:  New sp. list goes home; RAD Post Assessment for Gr. 4
  • Wednesday:  Gardening Club
  • Thursday:  Gr. 4 Math Test; Last day for milk purchases; Year-End BBQ and Dance starting at 5pm
  • Friday:  PD - No school for students
  • Kindly check and initial your child's agenda on a daily basis for further announcements and homework assignments.  

Thank you to all families for promptly paying for and returning forms/fees for our Year-End class activities.  These include fees and online payments for our trip to the movie theatre and to Massey Pool.  Although the deadline for all forms and fees is June 15th, the sooner we get everything in the better!

*Please note:  There will be some changes to our regular weekly schedule during the month of June. 

Have a wonderful and sunny weekend.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Thank You, Mrs. Stewart!

Photo with Mrs. Stewart

Our novel study came to life this week as we read about how much Ramona Quimby appreciated the school secretary.  The Grade 3/4s extended their gratitude to Mrs. Stewart (our very own school secretary) by creating thoughtful thank you cards to give to her.  Mrs. Stewart was touched by all of the heartfelt wishes and greetings.  Thank you, Mrs. Stewart, for all that you do for us at Jack MacKenzie School!

Classroom Highlights from this Past Week:

  1. Created thank you cards for Mrs. Stewart.
  2. Practiced strategies for division (Gr. 3).
  3. Started Unit 8 on Multiplying and Dividing Larger Numbers (Gr. 4)
  4. Learned Apache Ball, an Indigenous game of tag.
  5. Worked on creating their own Dreamcatchers.
  6. Participated in their final CREATE class with Miss Lubenow.
  7. Attended the Band Concert.
    Working with Miss Lubenow
 Coming Up This Week:
  • Monday:  Sp. Test; Note sent home regarding trip to Massey Pool
  • Tuesday:  Carnival Sign Painting with Mrs. McMurtry's class (for Santa Maria)
  • Wednesday:  Gr. 3 Un. 8 Math Test; BBQ orders due
  • Friday:  Leisure Swim PM (Parent Volunteers:  Mrs. Steadman & Mrs. Robertson)
  • Reading Assessments for both Grade 3 and 4 students will continue this week.
  • Please check your child's agenda on a daily basis for further announcements and homework reminders.
Thank you for promptly returning notes, forms, and fees.  Please watch for a note that will be sent home on Monday regarding an upcoming swimming trip to Massey Pool on June 28th.  Have a wonderful day!

Monday, 22 May 2017

Happy Victoria Day!

Brief History of Victoria Day in Canada

Queen Victoria (May 24, 1819 - January 22, 1901) was the ruler of the United Kingdom and the British Empire from June 20, 1837 until her death in 1901.  Victoria reigned for 63 years and seven months, a record for a British monarch that was only beaten in September 2015 by Queen Elizabeth II.  For many Canadians, Victoria Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer.  This day honours Queen Victoria's birthday and is often referred to as "May long" since it always falls on a Monday, leading to a long weekend.

Sources:,, and

Classroom Highlights from Last Week:

  1. learned how to be good reading coaches.
  2. learned more about the parts of a buffalo.
  3. completed posters on "Ramona Quimby's Bicycle Safety Rules."
  4. created cool drawings during the Comic Art Tour.
  5. started learning about division (Grade 3).
  6. completed a fractions and decimals test in math (Grade 4).
  7. did not attend the trip to Santa Maria due to an outbreak.
  8. participated in a playground clean-up.
Things to look forward to this week:
  • Tuesday:  Ramona Reading due (bring binders, novels, parents sign reading charts)
  • Wednesday:  Egg Recipes due; Return Measurement math tests (signed please)
  • Thursday:  CREATE #3 (final class)
  • Please check your child's agenda on a daily basis for further homework assignments and other announcements.  
Thank you for promptly returning our End-of-the-Year Movie permission and making your online payments.

Enjoy your day!